1. teiler

    【英语】 证据之书 1st Edition

    书名: The Book of Evidence (Oxford Studies in the Philosophy of Science) 作者: Peter Achinstein (Author) 出版社: Oxford University Press (September 20, 2001) 语言:English ISBN-10: 0195143892 ISBN-13: 978-0195143898 Book Description What is required for something to be evidence for a hypothesis? In...
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    【英语】 法律证据及论证:数据、情节、逻辑 2010-03-10

    书名: Legal Evidence and Proof: Statistics, Stories, Logic (Applied Legal Philosophy) 作者: Hendrik Kaptein (Editor), Henry Prakken (Editor), Bart Verheij (Editor) 出版社: Ashgate (February 28, 2009) 语言: English ISBN-10: 075467620X ISBN-13: 978-0754676201 Book Description As a result of recent...
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    【英语】 历史证据及争论 2009-04-28

    书名: Historical Evidence and Argument 作者: David Henige (Author) 出版社: University of Wisconsin Press (September 19, 2005) 语言: English ISBN-10: 0299214109 ISBN-13: 978-0299214104 Book Description Historians know about the past because they examine the evidence. But what exactly is “evidence,” how...
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    【英语】 追踪真理:知识、证据和科学 2008-03-24

    书名: Tracking Truth: Knowledge, Evidence, and Science 作者: Sherrilyn Roush (Author) 出版社: Oxford University Press, USA (January 12, 2006) 语言: English ISBN-10: 0199274738 ISBN-13: 978-0199274734 Book Description Tracking Truth presents a unified treatment of knowledge, evidence, and...
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    【英语】 证据与信仰:自17世纪以来的哲学与宗教 2007-11-26

    书名: Evidence and Faith: Philosophy and Religion since the Seventeenth Century (The Evolution of Modern Philosophy) 作者: Charles Taliaferro (Author) 出版社: Cambridge University Press (February 21, 2005) 语言: English ISBN-10: 0521793750 ISBN-13: 978-0521793759 Book Description Emphasizing shifting...